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Birthdays and Name-Days

1 usd

Are you like me, terrible at remembering your friends or even your family's birthdays and name days ? How many of your loved ones did you offend that way?With the Birthday and Name-Day Android application, never will it happen to you again!
This application will allow you to add to each of your contacts (included synchronized Google accounts, Facebook …) their birthday date and name day.
You will receive notifications every day at the same hour (depending on how you wish to configure it) reminding you of their birthday or name day, whether it is D day or soon to come.
You don't wish to be reminded of the birthday or name-day of some chosen contacts ? You can set the application to exclude any notifications.
With 10 000 names database, and a steady and regular updates, no names will miss its day!
Absolutely necessary if you are overloaded with friends!Essential if you have a tight schedule!
Birthday and Name-Day Android application is light:- No service or resident program.- No impact on your battery's autonomy.